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We would like to announce a partnership with The Powell Group. 

We would like to announce a partnership with The Powell Group.  

Jay Powell at Indie Game Business has been a huge support to Simon Bailey & I over the last year and has really kindly offered members of this group a huge list of publishers available.

He's been building this list for years and years so it's going to be pretty extensive - in fact like 500 publishers and key decision makers.

If you sign up to his newsletter you'll get the list. What's more, he's set up a fully online Networking event where you'll get to have eye ball to eyeball conversations with publishers over video chat. And he's going to offer any member of this group a 25% discount.

I'll keep you posted but in the meantime, you can sign up to his list. He posted this on Linkedin and has 60,000 views so far and reaching 700 requests for the list! Deffo sign up if you want to get it.


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