What is the Biz of Indie Games & Who Are We? 

Simon & Nicola launched the Biz of Indie Games - Virtual Summit in 2018, working nights and weekends to get it off the ground. Our mission is to help indie dev studios and game devs survive and thrive in an industry where big money rules. We do this through sharing knowledge and educating on strategy, money and marketing. It's a labor of love. We are currently working on securing  development funding to help create in-depth masterclasses on business critical topics like cash-flow, paid advertising, customer acquisition, studio strategies and more...

Simon Bailey

65+ Titles Published & Organizer

Simon has been in the video games business since the early 1990s. He’s published over 65 titles, and has negotiated some great deals over the years. He's founded and run studios, made and lost millions and continues to develop and is here to bring everyone together to share what they've learned. 

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