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How does a virtual summit work?

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The Business of Indie Games Virtual Summit is a 5-Day online event where you can watch pre-prepared interviews.

Enter in your email and you’ll receive an email with next steps for accessing the summit when it goes live.

Watch out for your inbox and make sure you Whitelist nicola at so you don’t miss out on the next steps.

It sounds like an online course - is it?

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Almost but slightly different.

You’ll watch a collection of carefully selected developers and business people. They’ll be addressing specific topics within the areas of business strategy, money and marketing in the video games industry.

Who's speaking and why should I listen to them?

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We’ve done our best to find great indie devs and games business people that have had some commercial success in video games.

You’ll sometimes hear case studies from developers who’ve messed up badly and they’ll tell you where they went wrong and what they learned.

Who will benefit from watching the summit?

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Game Studios

Solo Indie Devs

New Indie Devs


Game Designers

License Holders

Game Influencers

Game Marketing & PR People

What will I get out of viewing this material?

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Here are 3 things quickly

Indie Studios (10+ Devs)

Create 2-5 Year Plans to Grow Your Studio

Professionalize Your Studio Processes to Grow as a Business

Master Your Cash-Flow & Create Some Long-Term Stability


Solo Devs/Small Dev Teams

Develop Robust Prototyping & Market Viability Testing Skills to Make Sure You’re Game is a Winner

Develop a Solid Marketing Strategy and Execute it Flawlessly to Get Your Game Discovered in a Crowded Market Place

Get Excellent at Raising Money through Pitching, Crowdfunding and Friends & Family


New Indie Devs

Understand How to Start Community Building & Create Unique Ways to Market Yourself and Your New Game

Create a Game Industry Career Plan that Either Sees You Working as an Indie or Gets You Your Dream Studio Job

Master the Self-Publishing & Publishing Business Models to Get Your Game Funded, Developed and Marketed


License Holders

Games PR & Marketeers

Hit your Kickstarter Target With a Flawless Step-by-Step Marketing Process

PR Strategies for Adjusting to the Dramatically Changing Games Discovery Market

Master Paid Digital Advertising Across Multiple Platforms


License Holders/IP Owners

Discover How to Get Creative and Maximize Trans-Media IP deals

Understand the Business Side of Indie Games – Funding, Cash-Flow, Publishing and Game Discovery

Determine Whether Your IP Could be a Hit Game?



Discover Fabulous New Talent and Understand How to Help New Indie Devs and Teams Think and Plan Commercially

Understand How to Adjust to the Rapidly Changing Games Discovery Market

Master YouTube, Influencers and Getting Earned Media for Your Game Titles


Who are we and can you trust us?

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Who are we and why should I give you my email?

The Summit is free between the go live dates. And we charge between 99 and 249USD for membership access. It’s totally free though, no strings attached?

Why do we charge?

Nicola works on this full time and it is a business. The long-term aim is to create in-depth masterclasses on really key business areas in video games. Things like pitching, creating viable games and prototyping, digital marketing and other great things.

Why the timer?

Why the timer? +

It was a tough decision on whether to use the timer.

We use the timer for the lowest price point. It’s a price point that we don’t make a profit on. For a quick decision, which saves us time and marketing spend, we pass that discount onto you.

We wanted to reward the ‘early-adopter’ customers. We offer a full, no questions asked refund within 30-days.

Watch for free for 24 hours or get immediate, unlimited and permanent access to the membership area by upgrading to the 'All-Access Pass.' And you'll get 10 proven business tools as a bonus when you subscribe.

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